Evans Mill … Growing together


As most of you know, we have had a Facebook page for our subdivision for quite some time. This is the beginning of our web page. JUST the beginning, as we get more information and have more to share, this site will become more streamlined and turn into a “real” web page not a blog. Right now, we are just starting with step 1. You will notice the changes as they come.

I would like to start out our first section, with basic information about Evan’s Mill. We are located off HWY 120/Marietta Highway in Dallas, GA across from the Hardy Chevrolet dealerships. We have approx 260 homes in our neighborhood.

Our amenities include an in-ground pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse. The HOA president is Rodney McCanham, and his wife Angie McCanham. We will list contact info and volunteer/job/committee descriptions as they become available.

Basically, with this first post, I would ask that you help me with the site. If you are a board member, or committee member, could you send me an email with your name/phone/email/address, and any other contact info, and info about your position, We would like to get to know all of our neighbors, so even if you don’t serve on a committee and just want to introduce yourself. PLEASE (as I will also be working on a neighborhood “directory” with all of our neighbors) and plan to include any small businesses you may provide, in the directory as well. We have a ton of people right here in our neighborhood that can do so many things we always need.

Are you a handyman? a Photographer, babysitter, electrician, woodworker, craft maker, dance instructor, Do you teach musical instruments, swimming,… Do you LOVE going for walks but wish you had someone to join in? This website is going to serve as an “everything we need” site. We will set up and arrange out festivities, vote on things as a community, highlight home based businesses, recognize neighbors who have done an outstanding job and deserve recognition. This is our community.

TODAY, we go from a “subdivision” to a community. Today, with every small change we make, we are learning more, growing more, and making new friends. No more negativity, if we have a concern, it can be emailed to me, and I will do the best I can to get an answer/solution/or make a specific post for all to read and be aware of. We should all be able to have our concerns addressed as a community. We are going to be understanding and patient as we wait for answers, or help to get the answers we need.

We are going to treat ALL of our neighbors as our friends, and hopefully, we will all gain new, BEST friends. Friends who support us, who come together as one. UNITY. We are all in this together, to make Evans Mill OURS. Our favorite place to come home to. Our favorite place to see our friends, have a weekend party, watch a movie. There are so many opportunities to join together and have everyone who moved here to have a “neighborhood” to actually gain much more.

Friends. Community. Family. Caring. Concern. Respect. Consideration.

Today, we start growing together.

Please help me start this by telling me a little about yourself, If at the very least, you could provide your name, how many members in your home, and address. We would like to have contact info for everyone, although obviously no one is required. This i sjust a start to build our community. email addresses, phone numbers. If you provide a business or service, send your website or facebook page, or any contact info with details on the services you provide and business name. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the guy 4 houses up, is also an auto mechanic, the woman next door has always wanted to be a part time sitter…. the teenager out of school would love to earn extra money by cutting grass, or cleaning your house….all right here where we live.

If you are on the board, please send your name and title, and responsibilities list. Same for committees.

We will have a conducive list of all board members, their position, what the position requires, and any available positions and descriptions for those who would like to be considered for open positions.

Anything at all, right now will be beneficial in starting, and building this new page, planning events, getting everything we need. Thank you for anything you can provide.

Please send an email with your information to :


From your NEW community! We look forward to growing with you


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